We know that many of you have logged countless hours of training and were looking forward to crossing the finish line at the 2020 Mill Race Marathon, Half-Marathon or 5k.

We don’t take your commitments lightly and want you to know that we have exhausted all possible solutions to provide the best experience we can given the circumstances, which is why we’ve decided to move forward with a virtual event for 2020.

We know this will look different than the last 8 years, but we are excited to be able to offer an option for those of you that love our race and do not want to miss participating for a year!

We also understand and appreciate that not everyone that has already registered will choose to participate virtually, which is why we will be offering the following 4 options for 2020:

  • Participate in the Virtual Race: Convenient and flexible, you can complete your race distance from anywhere at any time of the day. Simply run or walk your race distance before October 31 then submit your time. We’ll ship your 2020 shirt and medal right to your door. Don’t worry, if this is your first virtual race. We’ll share more details, step-by-step instructions, helpful hints and plenty of reminders along the way. More details on this process to come.
  • Deferral: If you have already registered, you can rollover your registration to next year’s race (scheduled for September 25, 2021). There’s no cost or extra fees to defer your registration. More details on this process to come.
  • Donate to COVID relief: The Mill Race Marathon is a 501c3 organization and we’ve established a tradition of donating thousands of dollars back to the Columbus, IN community each year. Given our mission to inspire people to get moving and work towards a healthier life, these funds have always gone to local projects that promote health and wellness. This year, we plan to donate any proceeds we receive to COVID relief organizations in Bartholomew County with the goal of supporting those struggling most during this pandemic. You can do this a few different ways:
  1.  Already registered, planning to participate in the virtual race, but would like to make a separate donation to COVID relief
  2. Already registered, not wanting to participate in the virtual race, but would like to donate your registration fee to COVID relief instead of receive a refund
  3. Not registered, and not planning to participate in this year’s race, but would like to make a donation to COVID relief anyway
  4. More details on this process to come.
  • Refund: If you are already registered and choose not to participate in any of the above three options, you can request a refund for your registration fee. More details on this process to come.